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Where Aranjuez is in Spain

Where Aranjuez is
Aranjuez is a Royal City at the South of Madrid. It is placed at the riverside of River Tajo, and its main feature is to be a city where there are many points of touristic interest, because it was the place where the Spanish Kings had their rest time in the summers of the XVIII Century.

It is also famous because it has a wonderful large vegetable garden. Aranjuez was one of the first places in Spain where the asparagus and, specially, the strawberries and the Chilean strawberries were cultivated. They are very typicall here.

The Royal Palace

Its gardens are deserved of any King, they have a wonderful beauty, and its monuments (as the Royal Palace, the Tilling House, water springs, etcetera...) are the proud of a quiet population, that come into alive in the summer season because the great number of visitors that spend their time astonishing its many beautys, and enjoying their citizens hospitality.

The Hercules & Anteo
Water Spring

The access to the city is very good, because you can come here either by car, using the Autovía de Andalucía, or by train, where there is a surrounding train line (C3) that come into the own city, very near to the Royal Palace. On Summer you can come here also by the "Strawberry Train", it's a touristical train whose ticket includes a travel across the main monuments of the Royal Place.

Apart from this, Aranjuez is near to one of the main touristical cities, not only in Spain, but all over the world. Its name is Toledo.

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