ARANNET Aranjuez Magazine

Interview to the Mayor of Aranjuez, Sir José María Cepeda
Interview accomplished on 08/27/96

  1. The Outlined Objectives
  2. Promotion of Aranjuez
  3. Aranjuez in the Internet
  4. Companies location and struggle against the strike
  5. Objectives for the future
  6. Great Tourist abundance zones
  7. Cultural, economic and tourist projects
  8. Some words of the Mayor.

1. What were the outlined objectives for you and your town hall hardware upon assuming the mayoralty of Aranjuez?

For Aranjuez, the most important thing that we outline ourselves was to reduce it the figures of the strike. The important work for us in the legislature were that it weren't below the average of the Community of Madrid, that was having an acceptable strike level (if there is any acceptable strike level). And after, to get Aranjuez to be a way to go to the creation of employment and to have the economic fluency that had let of having in the last years: before, Aranjuez was the center of a very important region that was encompassing populations of the Community of Madrid and of Castille the Mancha and lately Aranjuez had totally lost its comarcal center role .

Then, to recover that highway of the region, being again the center of the population of around so that that could influence in the economy, it was also other of the objectives, as well as to recover it historical zone, that had suffered a very important deterioration. Because we understand that there was a general plan, a special plan, that was preventing the rehabilitation, on the one hand, what was rehabilitable in the zone and, additionally, the urban development of the rest of the population. I believe that reducing the figure of the strike wasthe most important thing that we outlined ourselves. That objective of reducing the strike and that objective of being the center of the region and, as a rule, of economic activities, we have based it on three sectors: the tourism, the leisure and the culture.

2. Aranjuez it is known either at the domestic or the international level. If we had to make a poster right now in order to promote Aranjuez, what would put you into?

You see, there would be the Royal Palace..., the Master Rodrigo..., the Tajo river..., the strawberry, the big strawberry, the asparagus... It would be a good thing to put a photograph where you can see the environment of Aranjuez, with the lots of trees and searching furthermore two seasons to make the photograph, the spring or the autumn. May be a good typesetting...

3. We, Arannet, intend among other things to use the Internet as a means of promotion of Aranjuez, but to accomplish this we want (logically) to take the opinion and advice of the town hall into acccount. What opinion deserve to you this type of initiatives?

They seem very positive to me, what I mean is that we have treated the incorporation of Aranjuez in the Internet in a very wide way, inserting lots of data. We believe that it is going to be the way (because we are beginning in Internet yet) of communication of the world average society, therefore who get the first places about to be known, he will get a tot of win.

4. Actually, the strike index in the population, though seems to go decreasing slowly, it continues being in some very high levels. We know that there are some courses and some arranged activities for the unemployed, but we are going to focus on the problem from another point of view: the creation of employment. What incentives can have a company from the town hall to be installed in Aranjuez?

I believe that the incentives are more those which provides the location, the name of Aranjuez, than the fiscal incentives that they could be provided from the town hall. The fiscal incentives are very small, in Aranjuez as well as in any other municipality. At level of the rates, the municipal taxes, some are not collectible and the others do not carry to the companies to break out of poorness.

But they are some other aspects of Aranjuez to sell, about the companies location: the communications of Aranjuez are most important, Aranjuez it is at the bottom of the National IV, to 47 km from Madrid by highway. They are twenty little minutes, with one of the less full incomes to Madrid of the national highways. We have a train station, there is a level of commodities movement through Renfe very important also. We have a recently terminated industrial polygon, modern, with all the services that any company could demand, located in a perfectly communicated place with the N-IV, to 30 seconds from this route.

The companies that need to publish where they are, because commercial interest, these are the ones that could see the greater advantages they have in Aranjuez: it is not the same to speak of a company that is found in... (and I do not go to say the name of any population so as not to to offend to anybody), that to say the name of Aranjuez as the location for the companies. Because Aranjuez has something very good, among its nice things, it's its name, known as you have said before, both at domestic and international level and that works on belhaf of the companies that start in Aranjuez.

We bet on the environment, the leisure, the culture and the tourism. So, if companies have any relationship to the environment, they do not contribute only for the others companies that work in that sector, but for the life of the persons that work in them. Aranjuez has a factors stack that make it suitable to be installed on, to come to live to Aranjuez. Furthermore, we participate in the program LEADER - II of the European Union, what permits that some given projects can get the support of the European Community. Tourist companies, the rural tourism, have helps within LEADER program, and we are, I hope, on the verge of obtaining that three projects in the LIFE program, also from the European Union, are approved to us in order to contribute to improve the entrance to Aranjuez by the ancient National IV, to enhance the traditional products of Aranjuez, the strawberry and the asparagus, the products of the huerta as the ciruela claudia and the wrinkle apple. Any company whose activity has to do with what LIFE has outlined, also would have help.

5. Just a moment ago we were talking about the outlined objectives when you assumed the mayoralty. What are the other objectives you have outlined for the future about the development of Aranjuez?

We have a clear cultural objective, that is that Aranjuez will be the cultural referring of the Community of Madrid. This seems as very majestic and we do not want that it will be something majestic, but it will be something actual. That is to say, we defined it as that when someone think about culture and watch to the Community of Madrid, is a must to watch to Aranjuez. That would be the last objective, that will be achieved with, first, to a certain transformation of the own Aranjuez society, that understand the culture as a way of important knowing of the population and, then, to going to using these resources I was speaking before: the environmental means, the tourist and all the historical and architectural groups. And to convert them into a cultural center.

6. I imagine myself that they will have done this question: several localities - in our opinion - less tourist than Aranjuez, they have been asserted - "Great Tourist Abundance Zones" -. Why it has not been made the same in the case of Aranjuez?

Well, not several ones. Sixty and so many localities. I think that we would have to see what localities they are to understand that never in the life is going to be sixty and so many localities of great tourist affluent. It has more to do with the authorization of opening in Sunday to the shops and to the general stores, but has nothing to do with the other question. We have believed that it was not necessary. If there is requests within the sector, I would make the request or demand to the Community of Madrid.

7. What projects has the town hall of Aranjuez in order to the promotion of our locality either in the cultural area, or economic and (of course) tourist area?

Well, tourist area by beginning by the end. We detected a need before entering the government and that we are covering now, it is to know it the tourist resources that has Aranjuez. From Aranjuez there are known the Palace, the Little House of the Farmer, the Sailors House, the gardens, and now it is being beginning to be known the Isabel of Farnesio Center, you can talk about the Isabel of Farnesio in quite populations of our around yet. Even in the own capital of the Community they are talking already, but there are many more resources. When I say many I mean the fact that there are hundred of tourist and cultural resources that one must to catalogue first and after to put on the market, and we are doing that now, in that accomplishment of the tourist goods that Aranjuez has.

There are populations that live of the tourism, that have the companies lion's share by the tourism and it has called always the attention to me to see it how they use any little thing to make to be taken into account on their condition of population. Here in Aranjuez, however, it has not been used ever. We have limited us to be city that had some goods of the National Patrimony, and to remain well, but Aranjuez has a lot of palaces and houses. It is a city from the XVIIIth Century. A lot of the stones that typeset the historical center of Aranjuez have their own history. What we want is to recover that history and to put them on the "market", and that to everyone who come to visit Aranjuez they could be telled the history of Aranjuez, but thoroughly, telling them all what to visit.

On the cultural area, we believe in the Holidays of the Riot, because they are already traditional holidays in Aranjuez. We want to continue enhancing them and, to do something risky, but in what we are very thrilled: that from the month of May until September, from the spring of Aranjuez to the autumn of Aranjuez, (that they are the two eras you enhance concerning climate and temperature and concerning what is perceived by the eyes and all over the senses), we want to bind those two stations of the year with similar activities to the of the Riot, with activities of that category. We think about every day from May until September, beginning by the weekend to go making ambient. It is a very important cultural project that is going us to carry to a very great investment, since we are going to put on scene a lot of spots of the historic center that they are stricken, dead. They are not visitables neither visible, but we wait to be already operating for the spring of 1997.

Another objective other is the rehabilitation of the San Carlos Hospital, the rehabilitation of the Mates Plaza, as spots, as frameworks, as enclosures that must be important roles in the tourism and in the culture of Aranjuez and to obtain that the Ancient Regiment of Pavía has a cultural purpose, educational or tourism. It is almost to define... there are resident several with those which is worked, there are many meetings with a lot of people so that those ideas curd, but that building plays also a very important paper in the development of the historical centerl of Aranjuez.

8. Say us some words for the persons that see Arannet, Aranjuez in the Internet from all the parts of the world.

So words to transmit on behalf of the citizens of Aranjuez, of the ribereños and arancetanos, to say that we are a very opened city, a city that waits with its opened arms for those who want to visit us, that we have a history written in the history books, ours is not modern invention, that we show a piece of that history year after year to who visit us and what we do not show we want to show it.

We are working, for that and to receive who comes to see us and to know Aranjuez. And that Aranjuez and its inhabitants, aside from to have where to live, apart from to enjoy the life, apart from the flavors and displeasures that each one has in an individual way, it does not have another paper to play right now more than to be Aranjuez. And we intend that to be Aranjuez will be a most important paper.