ARANNET Aranjuez Magazine


  • Editor: Carlos Navarro
  • Collaborative: Estefanía Jurado, Sandrine Carre, Ana Mª Rodríguez, Juan Pedro Valbuena, Valentín Zamarra, Fernando Aledo, Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio, Ayuntamiento de Aranjuez
  • Technological support: ESIMUSIC

    The only one magazine of Aranjuez accomplished for Internet.

    Address: C / Capitán, 16. 28300 Aranjuez (Madrid)
    Telephone: +34-918-913-095
    Fax: +34-918-912-648

    Arannet is an independent and free means, that observes the opinions of their collaborative, though is not identified necessarily with the theirs. Arannet is not subsidized by any official nor gubernamental organization.

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