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California Travel Parks Association
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Sight Magazine

Funny Times
Actually a paper-based magazine
Cartoons available each week online
Links to other sites
Gallery of Advertising Parody
Jihad to Destroy Barney
FAQ about why Barney must die
Jihad art shows a barney you never knew before
Barney Blaster software and Barney Doom
Kingswood Kranium
Rejected names for sports franchises
Qualities and talents people don't find sexy
Brain humor section with funny misunderstandings
Grab an insult each morning
Parodies and canonical lists
Political and business humor
Mother Has Two Mommies...
Real-life exaggeration of the term
politically correct
Wildlife photo archive in JPEG format
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Links to other cultural & humor sites
Mr. Bad Advice's comic autobiography
Rodney daangerfield
Joke of the day(often lame)
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More serious dart sites on the Net
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