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Tourist places of Aranjuez (Part 3)

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Convent of San Pascual
Garages of the Mother Queen
Ancient Godoy's Palace
Godoy's Palace
Medinaceli's Palace
Garden of Isabel II
Osuna's Palace
Quarter of Pavía
Other places of interest

Convent of San Pascual (1770)

Religious building built by Carlos III, a work of Francisco Sabatini and Bernasconi. Architectural set that belonged to the Command of Alcántara, constituted by church, chapels and huerta. It was grain store in the century XIX and currently it is occupied by the religious congregation of the Barefooted Concepcionists.
Bullring (1797)

Civil building built by Carlos IV about the ancient square lifted by Carlos III in 1760. In 1798 the Bullfighters House is appended to him, work of José Rivas. It was rehabilitated by Fernando VII in 1829 and the Marquis of Salamanca in 1851. Alfonso XII relinquished its usufruct to the municipality in 1876.
Garden of Isabel II

This small garden is found in front of the San Antonio Square, it was created in 1830 with rides and stone banks and covered by a corpulent trees tunnel.

In 1834 it was lifted in its central square a monument with the statue in bronze of the Queen Isabel II girl, gift of the that it was France ambassador in Madrid, Juan Luis Brunete. Marble vases of Carrara of the century XVIII and stone banks, work of Sabatini, surround the splendid statue

Garages of the Mother Queen Isabel of Farnesio (1761)

Civil building built by Fernando VI for horsehouse of his stepmother Isabel of Farnesio.

Commissioned to Jaime Marquet, it harbored the royal garages, it was thereinafter it becamed into offices of the Royal Stud and into the Scholl of María Cristina. From 1992 it is a Cultural Center, with auditory, library, file, exposures room, popular university, classrooms, offices and municipal delegations.

Godoy's Palace(1761)

Civil building, used as residence by the minister of Carlos IV, Manuel Godoy. Thereinafter it was innkeeper establishment (Shepherd Hotel) and Association of the religious congregation of the Sacred Family at present.
Osuna's Palace (1761)

Civil building, long ago property of the Duchess of Osuna, that harbored to painters, estucadores and artists to the service of the House of Osuna.
Ancient Godoy's Palace Civil building, intended for residence of Manuel Godoy, minister of Carlos IV. Its construction was interrupted in 1804. Harbored blocks and horses riding school and it was Military Command of the Cavalry Regiment Pavía.
Medinaceli's Palace (1773)

Civil building built by the Dukes of Medinaceli, for the residence and service of the family. It isknown as House of Carmena also.
Quarter of Pavía (1752)

Military building, built in Fernando VI era and used as Custodies Quarter of Corps. Thereinafter they were located military Custody units Walonas, Dragons of Pavía, Hunting, Cavalry Ligers, Lanceros of Pavía, Húsares of Pavía, Units of Cavalry Sabers and, in its last use as a dependency of the Army, Armored Cavalry Regiment Pavía nº 4. It has been razed in part, with the intention of building a hotel or an university or something - we hope so.

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