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History of Aranjuez

Palace of Silvela (1860)

Civil Building built by the colitigant king Francisco de Asís. Known as the Palace of Baviera, it was thereinafter occupied by the minister of Isabel II, Francisco Silvela.
House of the Mounts (1761)

Civil building built by Carlos III to harbor the royal horsehouse of the Pasture of Sotomayor. Contain blocks, stables, courtyards and rooms that were used the Royal Stud. It is a work from the royal architect Jaime Marquet.
Railway station (1850)

Civil building that harbors the station of RENFE and collects the tradition of the second Spanish ferreous line, inaugurated by Isabel II 9 of February of 1851 (Train of the Strawberry), under the sponsorship of the Marquis of Salamanca, management of Pedro Miranda and project of iron path of the Green brothers. The building was enhanced and restored by RENFE.
Church of the Royal Farmhouse of San Isidro (1772)

Religious and oratory building, of newclassic style, built by Carlos III. It occupies the center of the small agricultural development with vineyards, press, almazara, royal residence, housings and offices.
Queen's Bridge (1774)

Architectural element over the Tajo river, called in other era Bridge of Alpajés. Renewed by the architect Manuel Serrano, in times of Carlos III, over other that were dating of 1613 and 1618. In 1847 was changed the wood floor by that of current factory.
Long Bridge (1761)

Architectural element over the Jarama river, built by order of Carlos III that was calling it the «king of the bridges». Work of Marcos de Bierna, commissioned architect with the highway of Andalusia, it counts on 25 eyes, 500 m long, 8.5 m width and 11 m height. It is made in Colmenar stone.
Sea of Ontígola (1563)

Damming or artificial lagoon, whose origin was the millrace built by Gonzalo Chacón, Alcayde of the Palace House of Aranjuez. Felipe II built the masonry levee of 330 m under the management of Juan de Herrera. Later they were appended the water channelings up to the sources of Aranjuez and the Kid Sea. Today it is a protected ecological reservation of aquatic fowl and lacustrine flower.

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