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Popular feasts
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Fairs and markets
Feasts of the Riot
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Popular holidays

  • San Fernando. Patronal feasts. 30 of May.
  • Fairs of the Riot Misspelled of september. Asserted of National Tourist Interest.
  • Carnivals. End of February.
  • Fairs and markets

  • Alfaranjuez or Fair of the Mud. Final of May.
  • Fair of the Book. First May fortnight.
  • Fair of the Ancient Book and of Occasion. Second September fortnight.
  • Gangplank of the Mode. Spring and autumn.
  • Salon of the Car. First May week.
  • Music and Dance

  • Autumn festival.
  • International Ancient Music Festival. Between the months of November and December.
  • Music contest of Plecto Villa of Aranjuez.
  • Aranjuez, Music for an Illustrated Court.
  • Spring arrangements. Band Municipal Music School Joaquín Rodrigo.
  • Bullfighting holidays

  • Bullfight with motive of the Feasts of San Fernando.
  • Bullfight Goyesca. Feasts of the Riot.
  • Different cattle to what is long of the year.
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