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The feasts of the Riot of Aranjuez


Riotous Greater
Goyesca Bullfight
Mapping of the Riot
Miss Goyesca
Other acts
Assault on palace of Godoy
Pirate decrease
History of Aranjuez


The Fairs of the Riot, asserted of National Tourist Interest, are held each year in Aranjuez, from 1982, in the first September week.

The Riot of Aranjuez, happened among 17 and 19 of March of 1808 peaked with the fall of the frenchified minister of Carlos IV, Manuel Godoy, ancient custody of corps of the queen and presumed lover of the sovereign María Luis, scourged by the noble and the supporters of the Prince of Asturias.

The revolution of the Riot provoked the rise to the power of the wished Fernando VII, that prelude the events of the 2 of May in Madrid and the napoleonic invasion masterly collected by the paintbrushes of Francisco of Goya and the pen of Benito Pérez Galdós.

Mapping of the Riot

With a plot based upon the National Episodes of Galdós, almost two hundred neighboring of Aranjuez, dress with suits of that time and in one of the stages where were developed the facts in 1808, the Weapons Courtyard of the Actual Palace, recreate from the palatial intrigues of those days until the final conclusion, with the arrest of the favorite Godoy, this historical fact.

In addition to this mapping, central act of the holidays, one must to highlight the next activities:

Assault on palace of Godoy

The arancetanos, to the roll of the drums and to the only light of the torches, take and assault the ancient Palace of Godoy, where it is seized and driven until the municipal jails, while his chattels are burnt in a magnificent fireworks castle.
Appointment of the riotous greater

Agreed by the Municipal Corporation in Plenary Meeting, intends to recognize to personalities of the Spanish public life whose professional or human labor will be popularly appreciated.
Appointment of Miss Goyesca

Because a wish from the Municipal Institution, an arancetana woman represents this so rooted and loved figure within the Feasts of the Riot.
Pirate Decrease of the Tajo

Throughout about 3 km, remembering the ancient travelling of trunks or woods, hundreds of neighbors furrow the waters of the river aboard of any type of vessel, whose common feature is the imagination and the happiness.
Goyesca Bullfight

Killers, cuadrillas, public and bullsquare return to the era of the genial painter. A bullfight to the ancient usage with its protagonists trimmed to the effect, with the ancient casts retrieval of the fight and the first figures participation of the national bullfighting.
Other acts

Musical performances in the Mariblanca Square, Coaches Scrolling and Riotous, National Equine Contest, Arrangements by the Band of the Municipal Music School Joaquin Rodrigo and other musical groups, infantile attractions...

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